Vincent Joli-Coeur headshot

Vincent Joli-Coeur

Vice-Chairman, Financial Markets, National Bank of Canada

Vincent Joli-Coeur joined National Bank of Canada (NBC) in 2011 as Vice Chairman, Financial Markets. Mr. Joli-Coeur is responsible for the senior coverage of corporate, government and institutional clients globally. Mr. Joli-Coeur is actively involved in the Asia Pacific region with Canadian and Asian clients. In 2016, he led NBC’s successful inaugural Panda Bond issuance of RMB3.5 billion in the People’s Republic of China, the first issuance of its kind for a non-Chinese bank.

Mr. Joli-Coeur also spearheads National Bank’s coverage of key Canadian family-controlled firms and co-authored the Family Advantage series of reports highlighting the sustainable outperformance of Canada’s leading family-controlled companies.

Mr. Joli-Coeur is involved in his community, in Canada, as former Chair of the Board of University of Sherbrooke, current Chair of the Board of the University of Sherbrooke Foundation and Chair of the Brome Lake Land Foundation. He was recently invited as keynote speaker at the United Nations COP-15 Biodiversity Conference in December 2022.

Mr. Joli-Coeur is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and a graduate of the Directors Education Program. He has been awarded a Masters in Business Administration from Université Paris Dauphine in France.