Digital Determination: Southeast Asia's Drive Toward a Digital Economy

APF Canada President and CEO Stewart Beck joins the Foundation's Project Manager, Daniela Rodriguez, in a discussion about the unprecedented acceleration in digital adoption in Southeast Asia as an engine of economic development, particularly in the context of the post-pandemic world.

In Asia Watch, Daniela has written about the new policies, dedicated funding, and national ambitions behind the rapid and all-of-country drives to pivot to digital economies, often by leap-frogging traditional forms of banking, consumerism, and the delivery of social services found in other parts of the world. Her most recent work has focused on Indonesia, the archipelago nation of 271 million people that has already moved 10 million of its small businesses to online business platforms.

Taking a deeper dive into the issue of digitalization across Southeast Asia, this episode of Asia Watch: Beyond the Headlines focuses on the drive to transform developing economies to digital economies, and the lessons and opportunities that presents to Canada and Canadian businesses.