India, COVID and Canada: A View to Recovery

This episode features APF Canada President & CEO Stewart Beck in a conversation with Canada-India Business Council (C-IBC) President & CEO Victor T. Thomas in a discussion about India's terrifying second COVID-19 surge.

C-IBC council members have already raised more than C$30 million in donations to the Indian Red Cross and CARE India through their Canadian counterparts, amongst other charities, to provide local, on-the-ground assistance in cities across India. And efforts continue.

Mr. Beck and Mr. Thomas further discuss India's anticipated economic recovery in a post-pandemic context, and the need for Canada to "supercharge" its relationship with India now as the world's most populous democracy edges toward a $10-trillion economy within a decade.

Other topics include five areas and sectors of opportunity for Canada to engage with India, as well as the South Asian nation's emerging role as a 'counterbalance' to China. Listen to this episode for a deeper understanding of the impacts of COVID on India, and Canada's evolving relationship with this global juggernaut.