APF Canada Tech Conference

Conference Report: Technology & Geopolitics: Navigating a Future of Tech Uncertainty

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada organized the Technology & Geopolitics: Navigating a Future of Tech Uncertainty conference in Toronto, Canada on October 9-10, 2019.

More than 60 experts and stakeholders from a broad range of backgrounds, sectors, and nationalities convened to address implications of the rapidly-changing intersections between geopolitics and technology, to identify key opportunities and challenges, and to offer insights into how Canada can and should navigate these issues.

Conference panels focused on the national security/technology nexus; the impact of national security on technology supply chain management; data management and governance; and investment and partnerships in R&D in technology and related sectors.

APF Canada convened this group of experts and practitioners to facilitate a timely conversation and translate ideas into action. This is our summary report (PDF download).

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