Investment Monitor 2021: Report on Post-COVID Recovery and Foreign Direct Investment Between Canada and the Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is proud to announce the 2021 release of its annual Investment Monitor Report, which delves into two-way foreign direct investments between Canada and the Asia Pacific.

The 2021 report, Post-COVID Recovery and Foreign Direct Investment Between Canada and the Asia Pacific, explores how South Korea, India, Australia, and Singapore envision their post-COVID economies and how these visions may present investment opportunities for Canada, specifically in digital, green, and research and development-engaged sectors.

The launch coincides with the online release of new data through, allowing Canadians to use our data visualization tool to uncover novel stories about the Canada-Asia Pacific investment relationship.

By harnessing primary sources and in-depth research, the Investment Monitor informs Canadian policy-making and public discourse on Canada’s economic relations with the Asia Pacific at a time when engagement is sorely needed for post-pandemic economic recovery. The investment landscape is shifting as COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to the world economy, and APF Canada’s tracking provides an outlook of where these potential opportunities lie.

This project is completed in partnership with The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary and with sponsorship from the Government of British Columbia, Export Development Canada, and Invest in Canada.

Watch our April 28, 2021 Launch Webinar with Pauline Stern, Senior Program Manager of APF Canada's Business Asia team, along with presenter Isaac Lo, a Project Specialist with the Foundation.

The presentation will be of particular interest to government policy-makers, economists, and business leaders interested in the nuanced and evolving trade and investment relationship between Canada and the economies of the Asia Pacific, particularly in the context of COVID-19 economic impact and recovery.

Download our region-specific 2021 case studies:

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