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Strategic Foresight in Asia

COVID-19 surprised many governments around the world who found themselves ill-prepared to respond to the massive social and economic disruptions of a pandemic. Similar disruptive trends – in areas as diverse as food security, climate change, technology, and geopolitics – can be detected on the horizon.

In this webinar, APF Canada's Distinguished Fellow Bart Édes, author of Learning from Tomorrow – Using Strategic Foresight to Prepare for the Next Big Disruption, is joined by an expert panel in a discussion of some of these emerging trends, how to read weak signals and drivers of change, and what modelling future scenarios can tell us about the potential impact disruption will have on Canada's engagement with the Asia Pacific.

Featured Panellists are:

Headshot of Bart Edes
Bart Édes
Author and Distinguished Fellow, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada


Headshot of Susann Roth
Dr. Susann Roth
Advisor & Chief of Knowledge Advisory Services Center, Asian Development Bank (Manila)


Headshot of Rathana Peou Norbert-Munns
Dr. Rathana Peou Norbert-Munns
Southeast Asia Regional Scenarios Coordinator, CGIAR Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (Phnom Penh)


Headshot of Jeffrey Reeves
Dr. Jeffrey Reeves (Moderator)
Vice-President Research, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (Vancouver)