Building Blocks for a Canada-Asia Strategy

The economic and political rise of Asia marks one of the defining shifts of the 21st century. In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, how Canada responds and positions itself to take advantage of this transformation will shape its future.

The growing significance of Asia has demonstrated the need for Canada to strategically deepen and diversify its existing partnerships in the region. The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada’s Building Blocks for a Canada-Asia Strategy document proposes a series of recommendations for the Government of Canada to consider as it articulates a Canada-Asia strategy in response to the rise of Asia as a global economic power and political force.

The Government of Canada has the opportunity to strengthen its position as a credible and reliable collaborator and partner in Asia. An engagement that respects Canadians’ core beliefs – yet is open to the traditions, interests, and values of the region – will help advance Canadian national interests and contribute to the sustainable development and growth of the region.

Implementing these recommendations will require a careful allocation of assets, sustained political engagement, and a willingness to be a committed and constructive partner to the region where Canada and Asia share common interests and objectives.

We believe an effective, forward-looking Canada-Asia strategy will need to achieve four key objectives:

  • Position Canada as a relevant and important partner to Asia
  • Ensure that Canada benefits from Asia’s development and growth through improving market access and trade opportunities in competitive sectors
  • Leverage Canada’s strengths to support a secure and sustainable Asia region
  • Build Canada’s Asia competence by improving Canadians’ related skills and knowledge

To read Building Blocks for a Canada-Asia Strategy and to review our 10 recommendations to the Government of Canada in full, please access the PDF below.