Brian Gallant

Brian Gallant

Brian Gallant

Former Premier, Province of New Brunswick

Brian Gallant is a Special Advisor on Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Law to the President of Ryerson and is an Entrepreneur in Residence for the world-renowned DMZ incubator. Moreover, as the NGO Global Canada’s Chief Sustainability Officer, he is working on strengthening the relationship between business and society, promoting sustainable development, and ensuring corporate social responsibility is at the forefront of our country’s private sector.

In 2014, Brian Gallant was sworn in as the Premier of New Brunswick at the age of 32 making him the youngest elected First Minister in Canada in a century.

When he became Premier, his government invested heavily in education and childcare and in initiatives that enhance New Brunswick’s competitiveness in order to increase its exports and grow its population.

To bolster exports, his government also focused on strengthening the trading relationship with the United States and further diversifying New Brunswick’s export markets. Mr. Gallant lead several trade and diplomatic missions to the United States, Asia, Africa, and the European Union.

In addition to Premier, Mr. Gallant served New Brunswick as the Attorney General, the Minister responsible for Innovation, and the Minister responsible for Women’s Equality.

In 2015, he co-lead the development of the Council of the Federation’s Canadian Energy Strategy. Moreover, as a member of the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers meetings and as co-chair of the meeting in 2018 held in Vermont, Mr. Gallant was able to help advance important initiatives such as collaboration on energy and combating climate change between the jurisdictions of New England and Eastern Canada.

Mr. Gallant lead all Canadian premiers in 2018 as the Chair of the Council of the Federation.

In 2015, he was the only Canadian named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Prior to entering politics, Mr. Gallant worked as a lawyer. He has university degrees in business and law as well as a Master in Laws from McGill.

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