As of December 21, 2020, Australia has 28,198 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 908 related deaths. Aiming for “zero community transmission” of the virus from the beginning, the Australian government organized a “National Cabinet” composed of federal and state leaders, implemented a nationwide lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic in late March, and barred foreign nationals from entering or transiting through the country. Returning Australians are subject to 14 days of supervised quarantine in designated hotels. Through one of the highest testing rates in the world, the country was able to quash its first outbreak. A second, more deadly wave in late July due to an outbreak in a Melbourne quarantine hotel prompted a nearly four-month lockdown for the state of Victoria. Lockdown and quarantine provisions have been strict, sometimes enforced by police roadblocks and soldiers. Though transmission rates have levelled off, various jurisdictions continue to impose temporary quarantines and travel restrictions in response to emergent hotspots, such as the ongoing December outbreak in Greater Sydney. With more than a million jobs lost due to the pandemic, the government implemented the JobKeeper program—one of the largest stimulus packages in Australian history —which pays businesses to provide salaries and keep employees on payroll. It is anticipated that Australia and New Zealand will attempt to form a COVID-19 travel bubble in early 2021.

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