Video: What is Canada's Role in Saving the Global Trading System?

Join Trade, Investment and Innovation Program Manager Justin Elavathil as he explores the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), how it has evolved, and what that means for Canada in "Resurrecting the TPP," a new video from APF Canada.

This special production features Canadian international trade experts Don Campbell, Senior Strategy Advisor, Davis LLP, and Hugh Stephens, Principal, Trans-Pacific Connections, as they assist Justin in unravelling the inner workings of the new Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), an 11-member Pacific trade pact that will likely come into force sometime in 2019 following ratification procedures in several of the participating countries, including Canada. Absent from the deal is the United States, which withdrew following the election of Donald Trump.

While nuanced and complicated, the CPTPP ultimately provides a welcome reassurance of open markets at a time when trade wars are undermining the global trading system. It includes several beneficial features from a Canadian perspective, including promoting Canada's east-west trade diversification alongside the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union, which entered into force in 2017.

Click here for an accessible – sometimes irreverent – peek under the hood of the regional trade deal that will help redefine global trade in the years ahead.

Justin Elavathil

Justin is Program Manager, Trade, Investment, and Innovation at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

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