APF Canada Releases Asia Strategy Recommendations to Government

OTTAWA, ONT. – January 28, 2016 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) today announced the release of its comprehensive advisory paper to the Government of Canada, Building Blocks for a Canada-Asia Strategy.

The 33-page document offers 10 recommendations for the consideration of the Government of Canada as it articulates an effective, forward-looking Canada-Asia strategy, and was released today at Canada 2020’s Ottawa Forum at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

“The economic and political transformation underway in Asia marks one of the defining shifts of the 21st century,” said APF Canada President and CEO, Stewart Beck. “Canada is ideally placed to not only benefit from this transformation, but also to serve as a bridge linking this dynamic region to the rest of the world.”

Added Beck: “The Foundation and its Board of Directors firmly believe that the new Government of Canada has an opportunity to strengthen our position as a credible and reliable collaborator and partner in Asia by creating a lasting, constructive, and sustainable strategic approach to the region that crosses party lines and advances Canadian national interests in the Asia Pacific.”

Building Blocks for a Canada-Asia Strategy suggests an effective, forward-looking Canada-Asia strategy will need to achieve four key objectives:

  1. Position Canada as a relevant and important partner to Asia;
  2. Ensure that Canada benefits from Asia’s development and growth through improving market access and trade opportunities in competitive sectors;
  3. Leverage Canada’s strengths to support a secure and sustainable Asia region; and,
  4. Build Canada’s Asia competence by improving Canadians’ related skills and knowledge.

To read APF Canada’s Building Blocks for a Canada-Asia Strategy click here or visit www.asiapacific.ca


About the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada:

Established by an act of Parliament in 1984, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is a not-for-profit organization focused on Canada’s relations with Asia. Our mission is to be Canada’s catalyst for engagement with Asia and Asia’s bridge to Canada.

APF Canada supports the building of Asia-competency and promotes knowledge and understanding of developments in Asia. Its research and policy work focuses on trade, investment, innovation, energy, and the environment.

A leader in research and analysis on Canada-Asia relations for over 30 years, APF Canada partners with government, business leaders, academics, and opinion makers in Canada and across the Asia Pacific region to offer clear, specific, and actionable policy advice.

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