APF Canada Launches Contemporary China Research Report Series

VANCOUVER, B.C. – SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is pleased to announce the launch of a new “Contemporary China” research report series that explores the emergence and evolution of key sectors in China, including financial technology, health care and state-owned enterprise reform.

The new series introduces Canadian readers to the main models and major players in each sector, and highlights the systemic transitions and ongoing reforms that are increasingly defining contemporary China. The sectorial papers also explore new and existing opportunities for Canadian collaboration with primary stakeholders in China.

“As Canada moves toward ‘resetting’ its relationship with China, we should be thinking about collaboration beyond our traditional sectors,” said Dr. Eva Busza, Vice-President, Research and Programs, at the APF Canada.  “Health care and financial services are but two examples of growth areas where both China and Canada can work together to meet the changing needs and demands of global consumers. With the arrival in Canada this week of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to discuss greater engagement with Prime Minister Trudeau, we felt that our readers might be interested in learning more about these sectors as well as appreciate a backgrounder on state owned enterprises and the most current reforms that are underway.”

To read the first three publications in our “Contemporary China” series, please click the links below:

Financial Technology

Health Care

SOE Reform

Or visit www.asiapacific.ca


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