APF Canada Announces Relaunch of Media Fellowship Program

VANCOUVER, BC – July 5, 2023The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is pleased to announce its Media Fellowship Program relaunch for 2023-2024 following a three-year interruption due to COVID-19.

The APF Canada Media Fellowship Program, launched in 1986 and suspended in 2020-2021 due to the global health crisis and international travel restrictions, offers two Canadian journalists the opportunity to spend time in Asia researching and preparing stories for Canadian audiences. The goal of the program is to help Canadian journalists become better informed about this dynamic part of the world in order to write and broadcast insightfully on Asia and the Canada-Asia relationship. To date, the program has supported 96 journalists, including well-known Canadian media figures such as Carol Off, John Ivison, Daphne Bramham, Nathan VanderKlippe, Chantal Hébert, Paul Kennedy, and Francis Bula, among others.

Two 2023-2024 APF Canada Media Fellows will receive up to C$10,000 each for travel, accommodation, and in-country expenses.

“In support of Canadian journalists, who enrich our national discourse and provide a vital service to the public interest, I am pleased to relaunch our Media Fellowship Program post-COVID-19,” said Jeff Nankivell, President and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. “Central to our APF Canada mission to develop closer ties between the peoples and institutions of Canada and their counterparts in Asia is the collection and dissemination of critical information and ideas. Members of the Canadian media are ideally situated to support this work, and I welcome – and look forward – to their contributions as new Media Fellows.”

The deadline for applications is August 18 (11:59 p.m. PT), 2023

For more details on the APF Canada Media Fellowship Program and how to apply, please follow this link: http://www.asiapacific.ca/grants/media-fellowships


About the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

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