As of December 21, 2020, India has 10,075,442 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 146,145 related deaths. In March, the government placed the entire country on lockdown for three weeks—punishing violators with up to two years of imprisonment—and halted all forms of public transit. Further lockdowns have been ordered, including another nationwide order in April and local orders throughout the course of the pandemic. Most businesses were allowed to reopen in June. However, these measures have not prevented India from emerging as the second largest COVID-19 epicenter in the world. Crowded trains transporting millions of migrant workers from major cities back to their rural hometowns in May were responsible for spreading the virus deep into the countryside. Despite the authorization of private laboratories to administer COVID-19 tests in conjunction with public facilities, a government panel estimated that about 90 infections go undetected for every confirmed case due to lack of testing. State governments continue to enact measures such as travel restrictions and curfews to contain the extent of the current COVID-19 wave.

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