Post-Graduate Research Fellowships

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is committed to fostering the next generation of Asia Pacific researchers and analysts. To this end, it offers up to four, one-year Post-Graduate Research Scholarships (PGRS). Successful scholars will have a background in Asia-related research in any field of study. The selection of candidates will be based on abilities, academic excellence, and fit with the Foundation’s research priorities.

Post-Graduate Research Scholars (PGRS) are expected to work from the Foundation’s Vancouver office and to divide their time between conducting original research and participating in day-to-day activities, including:

  •  Contributing to the Foundation’s ongoing research projects;

  • Assisting in the composition and distribution of the Asia Watch news service;

  • Providing assistance in hosting roundtables, conferences, and meetings both in-house and off-site; and,

  • Participating in and contributing to APF Canada Research Group meetings, as well as other meetings and activities in the Canadian and Asian policy communities.

Working closely with the research team, the grant recipient's research must be aligned with one of the Foundation’s six main research pillars:

  • Business Asia: Analyzing key economic trends in trade, investment, and global value-chains that matter to Canada and the Asia Pacific
  • Perspectives Asia: Synthesizing perspectives on Canada-Asia engagement through surveys and big data analytics
  • Strategic Asia: Examining strategic and security related events and trends in the Asia Pacific and their impact for Canada
  • Digital Asia: Exploring how technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution impact Canada's current and future engagement with the Asia Pacific
  • Engaging Asia: Providing research and analysis on Asia's importance to Canadians directly engaged with the Asia Pacific
  • Sustainable Asia: Examining sustainable development in Asia from economic, social, and environmental dimensions and its implications for Canada

Grants are not intended to support dissertation research.


Scholarships are for one year. They normally begin in August or September, although the Foundation will consider later start dates on a case-by-case basis.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have graduated from a Master’s or doctoral program within 18 months of the application (as defined by the date of the graduation ceremony) are eligible to apply.

Scholarships are in the amount of $42,000 for Master’s graduates or $45,000 for PhD graduates. In addition to the scholarship, travel funds are also available to help PGRS with their research. 

The Yuen Pau Woo Travel Award
The Yuen Pau Woo Travel Award fund is awarded annually to an outstanding APF Canada Post-Graduate Research Scholar to support costs associated with travel for research, fieldwork and conferences.

For questions, please contact Charles Labrecque at

*The Foundation reserves the right to cite the results of research funded under the grants program, and grant recipients may be called upon for media and outreach activities coordinated by the Foundation.

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