Tokyo Skyline Closeup

Canadian Women-Only Business Mission to Japan April 1-3, 2019

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is proud to announce that the Foundation will lead, with strong support from the private and public sectors, Canada’s first women-only business mission to Asia between April 1-3, 2019. The mission is a response to one of the key recommendations emanating from the Foundation’s country-wide dialogue series, "Women2Women in the Asia Pacific."

WHERE: The selected destination is Japan, a stable and democratic nation, the third largest economy in the world, and has been—and continues to be—one of Canada's oldest and most reliable trading partners in Asia. Japan has in recent years instituted a suite of public policy initiatives to promote women’s economic advancement called ‘Womenomics.’

WHAT: The first 2 days will be held in Tokyo at the Canadian Embassy and will consist of business-to-business matching and network opportunities, industry site visits, and high-level discussions of women’s economic advancement strategies in Canada and Japan. The 3rd day will be hosted at the Kyoto Women's University. Kyoto is known as the cultural mecca of Japan.

WHO: This exciting mission offers opportunities to 25 women entrepreneurs (founders of/CEOs or those leading Canadian businesses) looking to grow their businesses in Japan.

FOCUS: The mission focuses on promoting woman-led or -founded companies that provide services, products, and solutions for the elderly and aging in Japan. Japan has the highest proportion of elderly in the world and highly-developed markets for eldercare services and products. The mission focuses on three (3) sectors that support eldercare.

1) Technology: Technologies, both software and hardware, supporting eldercare.

2) Services: Services to help the elderly including personal care services, health and long-term care services, financial services, other social and entertainment services.

3) Consumer Products: Consumer products that will facilitate or improve daily living of the elderly.

Businesses must be internationally export-ready and have demonstrated their potential to succeed in Asia. Export-ready companies will have:

  • conducted research on foreign markets and opportunities;
  • appointed resources (human, material, time and financial) dedicated to internationalization;
  • and developed a credible business plan.

Some financial support may be made available, however, companies should generally have the financial means to participate in the mission.

Applications are now closed.

The on-line application should be completed and submitted by 6:00pm EST on January 21, 2019. A selection committee will examine all applications received by the deadline and successful candidates will be notified by Friday, January 25, 2019.