As of December 21, 2020, Indonesia has 671,778 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 20,085 deaths. The COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia continues unabated in the wake of a governmental response, generally characterized by a lack of coordination and disunity between the central government and regional authorities. The national government issued a travel ban for foreign tourists in late March and implemented large-scale social restrictions in April in hard-hit areas, such as the capital Jakarta. These partial lockdowns have been issued and relaxed at various points throughout 2020 as the government attempted to balance between limiting the outbreak and maintaining economic activity. The country’s testing rate remains low—with availability of tests varying widely between metropolitan and rural areas—amidst evidence suggesting that COVID-19 deaths are heavily underreported. Despite these ongoing difficulties, however, local leaders have been praised for their public outreach and use of digital technology in combatting the pandemic. In addition, after an announcement from President Joko Widodo, Indonesians can look forward to receiving COVID-19 vaccines for free in 2021. President Widodo also confirmed that he would be the first recipient of the vaccine in the country, in an effort to persuade those who have expressed skepticism or rejection toward receiving the shot.

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