As of December 21, 2020, Brunei has 152 confirmed COVID-19 cases and three related deaths. On December 18, Brunei announced that it no longer had any active cases within its borders. COVID-19 cases rose rapidly in Brunei during March, but have since then tapered off. In addition to travel restrictions and social distancing measures such as school and mosque closures, the government conducted over 5,000 random tests among foreign workers after their housing situation came under scrutiny due to unsafe conditions. Public addresses from the Sultan, as well as social media campaigns, were used to raise awareness about proper hygiene measures and to combat misinformation online. The tourism sector (which constitutes around eight per cent of the country’s GDP) has been severely set back as a result of lockdown measures, but Brunei’s considerable wealth has so far allowed the country to weather the economic impact of the pandemic.

Brunei’s Economic Ties with China Increase (May 13, 2020)