The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada serves as the secretariat for Canada's APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) members, providing research, analysis, and administrative support. This private sector body presents recommendations to APEC Leaders in an annual dialogue and advises APEC officials on business sector priorities and concerns. ABAC meets four times per year, and ABAC representatives also attend Senior Officials' Meetings, the Annual Ministerial Meeting, and the sectoral Ministerial Meetings.

2019 ABAC Meetings

ABAC I 2019 – March 1-4 2019 – Atlanta, USA

ABAC II 2019 – April 24-27 2019 – Jakarta, Indonesia

ABAC III 2019 – July 22-25 2019 – Hangzhou, China

ABAC IV 2019 – November 11-13 2019 – Santiago, Chile

2018 ABAC Meetings

ABAC I 2018 – February 1-4 2018 – Auckland, New Zealand

ABAC II 2018 – April 16-19 2018 – Tokyo, Japan

ABAC III 2018 – July 23-26 2018 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ABAC IV 2018 – November 13-15 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) held its third meeting for 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto 24-28 July 2017 in preparation for its high-level debriefing with APEC leaders in Vietnam 4-7 November 2017.

ABAC is a private-sector body comprising 21 member economies. It discusses trade and economic co-operation issues in the Asia Pacific, advises APEC officials on business sector priorities and concerns, and presents annual recommendations to APEC leaders. ABAC’s members include CEOs, presidents, and senior officials of leading corporations from the Asia Pacific. Canada’s ABAC Member representative is Ms. Suzanne M. Benoît, President of Aéro Montréal.

Click here to read the official press statement from the ABAC meeting in Toronto. 

Current Members

ABAC Press Releases

Jakarta, April 2019 - Never more important to affirm openness and economic integration, says ABAC Chair

Atlanta, March 2019 - The digital economy can deliver massive gains – if we get policies right

Port Moresby, November 2018 - APEC Economies Urged to Take Advantage of Digital Innovation


Former Members

Peter Barnes, Censiomax Inc., ABAC Canada Member 2007-2010

Suzanne Benoît, AeroMontréal, ABAC Canada Member 2014-2017

Gordon W. Chu, Vancouver International Airport Authority, ABAC Canada Member 2003-2006

Deborah Close, Descartes Systems Group, ABAC Canada Member 2014-2017

Isabelle Courville, Laurentian Bank of Canada, ABAC Canada Member 2009-2013

Jeff Dowle, HSBC Bank, ABAC Canada Member 2007-2009

Paul Gobeil, Metro Inc., ABAC Canada Member 1996-1998

Terry Hui, Concord Pacific Group Inc., ABAC Canada Member 1996-1997

V. Paul Lee, Vanedge Capital Partners, ABAC Canada Member 2010-2014

Philip Leong, Scotia Capital, ABAC Canada Member 2012-2016

Andrina Lever, Lever Enterprises, ABAC Canada Member 1998-2006

Pierre Lortie, Dentons Canada, ABAC Canada Member 1999-2005

John Macdonald, formerly Day4 Energy Inc., ABAC Canada Member 1998-2003

Nguyen Huu Trung, Caisse Centrale Desjardins, ABAC Canada Member 2005-2007

Timothy Reid, ReMan Canada Inc., ABAC Canada Member 1996

Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Inc., ABAC Canada Member 1996-1997


Past Alternate Members:

Robert Greenhilll, Bombardier International, ABAC Canada Member 2003-2004

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