Map of Canada split over an economic chart

Trade Stresses in a Post-Pandemic World: A Conversation with Stephen Poloz, former Governor of the Bank of Canada

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is pleased to share a video encore presentation of our June 24, 2021 webinar with Mr. Stephen Poloz, Special Advisor at Osler and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, on the challenges to the future of trade between Canada and Asia in the post-pandemic world.

The global pandemic has laid bare old weaknesses in the global trading system, strengthening the cause of trade restrictionists everywhere. Beyond the obvious preference to produce health-related products like PPE and vaccines domestically, the pandemic has created new geopolitical tensions that are likely to impinge on future trade arrangements. More fundamentally, growing income inequality is attracting political attention, and well-intentioned policies aimed at addressing that situation are likely to disrupt global supply chains. How can trade-reliant companies prepare themselves for the new normal?

Watch the video of Stephen Poloz in conversation with APF Canada President & CEO Stewart Beck for a wide-ranging discussion of future risks and opportunities.