Inside India: Series Introduction

As Prime Minister Trudeau has said, “Canada and India share a special bond.” Our relationship is underpinned not only by sharing a common language and a commitment to democracy, but also by the fact that there are more than one million Canadians of Indian origin. As the prime minister visits India this month, our research team felt it was important to update Canadians on some of the key developments underway in this large and complex country and to highlight why they matter to Canada. To that end, over the next five weeks, we will be releasing a series of blogs focused on India’s macroeconomic reforms, from the “make in India” initiative and smart cities to demonetization and India’s new goods and services tax.

We are grateful for the assistance and input from our Indian partner, J Sagar and Associates, who provided key insights and guided our analysis.

– Eva Busza, Vice-President, Research and Programs

Click here to download our digital chapbook of the entire Inside India series, or read our blogs, below . . .

1. The Path to Becoming an Economic Juggernaut

2. What Has “Make in India” Made for India?

3. Navigating India’s Transportation Maze

4. Realizing Renewable Energy in India