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China's Belt & Road Initiative: Impacts on Foreign Policy

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Chile Pacific Foundation are pleased to share "China's Belt & Road Initiative and its Impact on the Political and Social Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific: Implications for Canada's and Chile's Foreign Policy," our fourth and final joint webinar in the series ASEAN and The Americas.

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Views on China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) vary significantly depending on where they are generated. While most of the Western Hemisphere perceives the BRI as a massive international, investment-lending program for the Chinese to exert and project influence and geopolitical power, in Southeast Asian nations, in particular, there are alternative narratives that highlight the value of collaboration between China and the expanded Indo-Pacific region, especially in the most developing countries.

This latest webinar explores some of these alternative drivers while breaking down key aspects of the BRI that are typically underscored in the Western context to better understand development in the ASEAN region. The roundtable expands on a more holistic account of Asia's internal dynamics that Canadian and Chilean policy-makers can use to inform their policy thinking and engagement in the region.

This webinar was hosted by APF Canada and the Chile Pacific Foundation. Enjoy our other webinars in this series: