APF Canada Expresses Support for Nova Scotia’s China Engagement Strategy

VANCOUVER, B.C. – APRIL 28, 2016 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) expresses its strong support for the Province of Nova Scotia’s China Engagement Strategy, announced today by Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil.

The China Engagement Strategy outlines how Nova Scotia will enhance its relationship with China by building mutually beneficial trade, investment, business, political, and cultural ties. It focuses on the province’s competitive strengths in “sectors of opportunity,” including: seafood, energy, tourism, ocean technology, information technology, and education.

The strategy also outlines plans to strengthen relationships within the Chinese business community and support Nova Scotia businesses that already have access to China’s market. China is Nova Scotia’s second largest trading partner after the U.S., with provincial exports totalling $420 million in 2015.

“On behalf of the Asia Pacific Foundation I would like to congratulate the Government of Nova Scotia on this progressive platform of engagement with China, and commend Premier McNeil for his leadership in moving this key initiative forward,” said Stewart Beck, President and CEO of APF Canada.

“The economic opportunities for Nova Scotia in Asia are significant, particularly in China, where the growing middle class is now larger than the population of North America,” added Beck. “As the Foundation outlined in its Asia Factor in Atlantic Canada reports released this week, a co-ordinated and strategic collaboration at home and a strong strategy of diversification and relationship-building in Asia are crucial to the long-term prosperity of Canadians in the new global economy.”


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