Talking Asia with Canadian Millennials

Join Justin Kwan and special guest host Erin Williams as they talk to Canadian youth about their perceptions of Asia, their thoughts on Canada's engagement with the region, and their own experiences in dynamic Asia.

Canadian millennials are a complex group. From being described as tech-savvy trendsetters to selfish narcissists, there are a range of differing opinions that describe this generation. Likewise, when it comes to thinking about Canada’s relationship with rising Asia, Canadian youth have a diverse range of opinions on how they think Canada fits into an increasingly Asia-centric world.

Turning our attention to millennials here in Canada, join Justin Kwan and special guest host Erin Williams as they dig deeper into the opinions of Canadian millennials. What is the first country or territory in Asia that comes to their mind? How do they describe Canada’s foreign policy towards the region? Building on APF Canada’s previous 2017 National Opinion Poll, which focused on the views of Canadian millennials through a series of focus-group discussions, we speak to several Canadian millennials and their experiences with the Asia Pacific region – from those with familial ties to Asia, to those who have spent time in the region.

Discover how Canadian youth visualize and think about Asia, Canada’s role on the world stage, and how this might influence our relations with Asia with this new podcast episode.

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