Headshot of Jean Michel Montsion

Jean Michel Montsion

Associate Director, York Centre for Asian Research

Dr. Jean-Michel Montsion is Associate Director of the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR), Coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies at York University and Associate Professor at Glendon College, York University. His research focuses on gateway cities linking Canada to Asia, with a specific interest in less recognized stakeholders, such as international students and universities. His work generally documents societal changes that come with closer relationships between Canada and Asia in specific cities and for particular groups, as a result of new migration patterns, increased transnational ties and community sector developments.

Mr. Montsion is currently leading a SSHRC project looking at the racialization of Asian international students to Canadian universities. He is also part of a national team researching the link between gateway projects and urban governance, notably in light of a strategic positioning of Canadian businesses towards Asian markets, and an international research team looking at the diversity of Chinese languages other than Mandarin in cities like Singapore and Vancouver.