APF Canada Announces New and Returning Distinguished Fellows

January 29, 2021 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is honoured to announce its new Distinguished Fellows for 2021-23. APF Canada’s Distinguished Fellows are established members of the Canada-Asia practitioner community and possess knowledge and demonstrated work in the fields of Canada-Asia relations and policy.

They provide APF Canada with valuable insight and guidance, participating in dialogues and public events, offering commentary and responding to media requests, and leveraging their networks to assist APF Canada in its mission to be Canada's catalyst for engagement with Asia and Asia's bridge to Canada.

Fellows include Canadians and non-Canadians who are active and influential researchers, policy practitioners, and business professionals with expertise in one of the Foundation’s six research pillars. They provide regional and sub-regional representation across the Asia Pacific.

APF Canada is excited to further develop its research and programs with these notable figures.

Distinguished Fellows:

•    David Alan Byng, Royal Roads University, Canada
•    Dan Ciuriak, Ciuriak Consulting, Canada
•    Bart Édes, Asian Development Bank (Rtd), Canada
•    Jonathan Fried, Global Affairs Canada (Rtd), Canada
•    Danielle Goldfarb, RIWI Corp., Canada
•    Susan Gregson, Global Affairs Canada (Rtd), Canada
•    Deanna Horton, Munk School, University of Toronto, Canada
•    Van Jackson, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
•    Stéphanie Martel, Queen’s University, Canada
•    Jean Michel Montsion, York University, Glendon College, Canada
•    Natalia Mykhaylova, WeavAir, Canada, South Korea, Singapore
•    Elina Noor, Asia Society Policy Institute, United States
•    Hugh L. Stephens, Canadian Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation, Canada
•    Rupa Subramanya, Economist and Author, Canada
•    Sharon Zhengyang Sun, Canada West Foundation, Canada
•    Atsushi Sunami, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan
•    Yves Tiberghien, University of British Columbia, Canada

Distinguished Fellows Emeritus, with over 10 years of service to the Foundation:

•    Don W. Campbell, Canadian Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation, Canada
•    Pitman Potter, University of British Columbia (Rtd), Canada

The Foundation would like to thank its outgoing cohort of Distinguished Fellows for their service to APF Canada and its mission to enhance Canada-Asia networks and relations.